How to keep our wool products in tip-top shape


One of the characteristics of wool is that wool is self cleaning. We therefore suggest not to wash Woolwarmers as it will do the product more harm then good.

If you however would like to wash your woolwarmers then make sure you do not use the washing machine but handwash the product and let it air dry in the shade.

Woolwarmers wool products will go through a natural phase of ‘pilling’ after a few weeks. With continued wear or after washing, these pills will disappear on their own.

Over time, the fleece on the sheepskin in-soles will first compact and then eventually wear off. Its life depends on the frequency and type of wear; a good fit is important, as foot movement inside the slipper will quicken the process.


Suede is most easily cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Stains, dirt, or marks can be gently removed using a suede rubber. Once your suede footwear is clean and has been dried naturally a soft bristled brush can be used to gently buff the suede to restore the posture of the leather fibres. As a preventative measure we recommend spraying the outwards facing suede with a Stain and Water Repellent. Treated suede is a lot more stain resistant than non treated suede and consequently dirt will have less of a chance of sticking.

Leather: If your leather Woolwarmers product gets wet, allow them to dry naturally and away from any external heat source, such as a radiator, hair dryer, or the sun.For heavy soiling, we recommend the services of a specialised leather dry cleaner.

If the soiling is light and not dried in, you may try the following:

• Prepare a hand hot solution of soft soap flakes

• Gently sponge down the outside leather of the gloves with this solution.

• Try not to saturate the leather and dab off any excess wetness with a clean dry cloth.

• Allow the gloves to dry naturally and do not use any external heat source such as a radiator, hair dryer or the sun.

• As the gloves are drying, put them onto the hands of the wearer several times. This will help to stretch the leather and restore the shape of the gloves to the profile of the hands.

If you decide to use a proprietary leather cleaner or conditioner, please read the product instructions carefully, and be sure the product you are using is suitable for your glove leather.

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